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We Teach Businesses & Entrepreneurs How To Plan, Build, Optimize And Automate Online Marketing!

Courses And Resources To Help You Build Perfect Sales Funnels!

You’ve likely seen the phrase “sales funnel” quite a few times in the last year or two as small businesses everywhere are using them to multiply their business!
Ecommerce stores, coaches & consultants, digital products businesses, and even brick & mortar stores are implementing them.
But, what are they?
And, more importantly, how can you effectively implement them into your business?
Our online courses and resources will guide you through everything from search engines, paid ads, landing pages, social media to crafting irresistible offers and beyond – so you will know how to plan, build, and implement sales funnels that automatically mold to your subscribers, leads, and customers – allowing you to better relate and sell more – on Autopilot!

Unlock More Time And Revenue by Learning How To Automatically Generate 1000's of Fresh Quality Leads Every Month!

There’s no reason to try to learn everything on your own through expensive, time-consuming trial and error. We’ve already done all that work for you.
Our training programs guide you through the process step-by-step – including the technology!
The ability to scale comes from strategic systems implemented within your business and we’ve got this down to a science.

Who Need This Training?

Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Online and Offline business owners and entrepreneurs alike can benefit from the training and support provided in the academy. This includes coaches, consultants, info product businesses, eCommerce, affiliate marketers, and brick & mortar businesses!

Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers looking to provide services for online and offline business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from the training provided in The Academy. The certifications and support provided to you will make you stand out and give you the confidence to help your clients!

Hey There!

I’m Sivan Revivo, founder and CEO of 9Marketing agency and Sivan Revivo Academy.
My mission is simple… to help business owners and entrepreneurs become a richer, happier version of themselves by giving them the strategy and tools to build a better business model.
Throughout my 16 years of experience as a marketer, web developer and graphic designer, I’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of business owners grow and scale.
I have an holistic approach to marketing strategies. I believe that when it comes to effective digital marketing, the sum is greater than its parts. Your digital marketing works better when it’s designed to work together.
it’s about having the right process in place, not just a set of products.
I’m so passionate about marketing and helping businesses grow. However building a complete and strong marketing system can be very expensive and I understand not everyone can afford hiring my agency. That’s why I’ve decided to launch the Sivan Revivo Academy. Where small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs can utilize our online courses, tools and live workshops to bypass the costly and lengthy learning curves involved in building out the complete automated marketing system for their business.

Take Your Marketing To New Heights

Next Level Support!

The Sivan Revivo Academy was created for those who are serious about taking their business and life to the next level by developing their online marketing skills and experience and turning their business into highly profitable by using the techniques we teach.
As with most advanced training and systems – questions will arise, platforms will be updated, and things will change…
We know this, and you will never be alone when you're a member of Sivan Revivo Academy.

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